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idea of Travellution

The idea for Travellution and the name itself was born a few years ago. In late 2004, Giacomo was dreaming of traveling while relaxing on his couch in Del Mar (California, USA) before a surfing session. He dreamt of going to Australia and meeting up with other surfers interested in going to the same beach at the same time. He yearned for a means of sharing ideas, planning trips and meeting up with people with similar travel interests. The idea for Travellution was born.

Travellution Erasmus Programme

In 2003, Giacomo did an Erasmus exchange program in Barcelona where he experienced how networking in travel planning and open-mindedness towards other cultures could significantly enhance travel experiences. This experience helped to define the principles and values of Travellution going forward. As with many ideas, the project to develop a social network around these principles was postponed while Giacomo held discussions with friends over the project’s future mission and values.

Travellution Public Launch

About 2 years ago, Giacomo met the right people with who to share the project and Travellution was finally launched; not in a garage in Silicon Valley, but in a simple apartment in Paris. On January 11th 2011, after evenings and nights of intense programming with Sigbjørn, Yannick, Emanuele, Nicola and Gabriele, the Travellution Team released the beta release of the site. The release was accompanied by a mission statement: not only does Travellution encourage new encounters and experiences through travel, but it encourages its users to value the cultures and environments that make travel rewarding. In October 2011, the travel revolution was official launched with the full public release of Travellution. Now that it is out in the open, we hope that Travellution’s business model and the way it involves its users can serve as a positive influence on other websites and businesses. While Travellution’s impact on society and travel may start small we hope our site will encourage our users to dream big and to share those dreams with others.

How people now use social media to plan their dream vacations and get recommendations from social interaction on the web.

Social media is increasingly becoming a larger part of our lives. Your first thought might be "I already belong to other social networks." Most of us do and we want you to keep them. What Travellution proposes is something new and different.

Consider this. Where do you find many of the new things that catch your interest? Your social networks usually introduce you to a new video, song, or fascinating article. The same concept applies to travel recommendations. As a Travellution user, you'll be connected with potential travel companions (Tripmates) who can offer the suggestions you need to live your dream vacations.

Think of Travellution as a social network that focuses only on the information you're looking for. Connect with people who want to see the same places that you do and who share your same interests. Each trip you create becomes an independent social networks with your Tripmates with a trip status, Tripmate news feed, messaging system, and privacy settings that you can control.

Travellution is the organizational tool that will help you get the most out of your vacation. Coordinate events and mark places of interests with your Tripmates. When you combine all of your knowledge, you'll have a trip agenda that is sure to be memorable.

Make a connection today. Think of where you would most like to go, sign in, and start searching.